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Ghost Walk: EAST AURORA! led by Mason Winfield
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A Ghosthunter's Journal

Tales of the Supernatural and the Strange in Upstate NY

A Ghosthunter's Journal

Telepathic stalkers, Visionary cults, Iroquois magic, Psychic murder and poetry from the other world...

While criss-crossing the region during the research for his first book, there occasionally would be a story he couldn't tell. Sometimes the facts of the case were elusive. Sometimes the people involved wanted their privacy preserved. Sometimes even Mason wasn't sure what had happened.

In his preface to A Ghosthunter's Journal, he put it this way:

"...I came across captivating, powerful stories that were too 'classified' to retell in any way that would allow the identification of concerned individuals. This book is a fictionalized account of some of them."

Do you get it now? Or, are you still looking at this page and saying, "Is it true, or not?" Mason Winfield says it better than I can:

"The millennium ends, and paranormal topics are hot in fiction and film, but I see very few realistic representations. It looks like people go from the idea stage straight to writing book or screenplay with few worries about the way things really happen or what the thinkers make of it. I came at this book from the other direction. Imagination has had some play in it, of course. I believe a book's readers should feel that they've been on a journey, and whatever artist is in me could not resist the temptation to make that of this; but there was no need to imagine much, and mostly I just moved the real stuff around. What I've encountered over the years is so much more gripping than books or movies because it's real."

Spirits of the Great Hill

More Haunted Sites and Ancient Mysteries of Upstate NY

Spirits of the Great Hill

Does a historic curse linger over the Niagara Frontier? Is a mystical treasure, a spiritual energy force, buried somewhere in the local landscape? Was the city of Buffalo set up and designed by occult societies? A new mystical-paranormal guide to Western New York attempts to answer these and other intriguing questions.

Spirits of the Great Hill, penned by Mason Winfield, is a journey to mystery places, haunted sites and hidden - sometimes forbidden - historical legacies. Anyone seeking the mysterious underside of our area, including dozens of good old-fashioned ghosts, need look no further. What else you would expect from Winfield? The East Aurora author has penned a riveting sequel to his popular book Shadows of the Western Door.

Here are some of the spooks, specters and spirits that spring to life in this new tribute to Western New York's haunted heritage:

  • Mark Twain's Buffalo Ghost
  • The Niagara Poltergeist
  • Houdini's Halloween
  • The Ashford Hollow Witch
  • The Box of Red Jacket's Bones
  • The McKinley Curse
  • Father Baker's Healing
  • The Lake Erie Serpent

Shadows of the Western Door

Haunted Sites and Ancient Mysteries of Upstate NY

Shadows of the Western Door

Prepare for a journey... through fact, fiction and outright puzzle down the dark lanes of upstate New York legacy.

Strewn with relics of ancient, unknown cultures and steeped in the spirits of the Iroquois, Western New York mystified its first White settlers more than any other region in North America. By the middle of the nineteenth century the area was famous as a source of psychic energy that flowered cults, communities, two major religions, and many supernatural displays.

The twentieth century shows no letup, and Shadows of the Western Door... is a study of the pattern. Guided by the insights of modern research, each of Mason Winfield's vivid, wry articles is another step on this supernatural safari across Western New York.

Readers will ponder some of these intriguing questions:

  • Is Western New York a 'zone' for UFO's, strange beasts, occult communities, and savage hauntings?
  • Did human giants once roam the region?
  • Do the Great Lakes have their own 'Bermuda Triangle?'
  • Is Niagara Falls a world-center of spiritual power?
  • Did ancient Europeans sail our rivers and lakes long before Columbus?

Colorful, provocative, and sometimes electrifying, this unique study alweays entertains. After this walk on its wilder side, Western New York will never quite look the same.

Haunted Places of WNY

A Supernatural Tour Guide

Haunted Places of WNY

Mason Winfield takes you on a haunted history tour of Western New York's mansions, inns, churches, battlefields and more.

Make a vision quest of your own to ancient holy places and stand in the energy sites.

Scout for mystery monsters or UFO's in one of the legendary "X-Zones" with the founder of the Buffalo and East Aurora ghost walks.

"Life itself is a wonder," Winfield writes, "and every spot on earth has mystery. Some spots have more than others, and that's what this book is about."

Winfield -- along with Michael Bastine, Franklin LaVoie, and Amy Reed -- have assembled a tour-guide to mystery places in Western New York.