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The 2015 Conference of Spirit Way Project in East Aurora, NY 

May 14, 15, 16 & 17, 2015


A Weekend of Workshops, Discussions, and Activities

Devoted to Ancient Supernaturalism and Spirituality


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Thursday Evening May 14  (The Print Shop, 21 South Grove St. on the Roycroft Campus)

7 pm Author/SWP Co-Founder Mason Winfield: Celtic Spirits on the Niagara

8 pm Buddhist Wandering Monk Usel Panchen: Supernatural Warfare


Friday Evening May 15 (The Print Shop)

7:30 pm Algonquin Elder/SWP Co-Founder Michael Bastine: The Songs of the Elders

7:30 pm SiMu/Qi Gong healer Brooke Becker: Listen to the Heart: A Shamanic Journey


Saturday Afternoon May 16  (The Print Shop)

2 pm Darby Ann Balling: The Medicine Wheel: Messages from the Animal Totems & the Natural World

3 pm Shaman Alan White: The Wisdom of the Bear

4 pm Teacher/intuitive Mysha Webber-Eakin: Living the Light: A Multi-Traditional Spirituality

5 pm “Grandmother” Small Voice: Questions for the Living


Saturday Evening May 16   (The Roycroft Inn, 40 South Grove Street)

6:30 pm Social Hour

7:30 pm Dinner-Lecture, Mason Winfield:

Talking Animals & Medicine People: Native Supernatural Tradition in the Northeast


Sunday May 17   (The Print Shop)

Noon Michael Bastine/Brooke Becker/Darby Ann BallingThe Moving Circle


The Speakers:

Darby Ann Balling revels in the power of the bodymind and its sacred connection to the earth.

Algonquin elder and SWP co-founder Michael Bastine is a celebrated teacher and mystic.

Visionary/empathic Qi Gong healer and intuitive SiMu Brooke Becker shows us how to reach the heart.

Teacher/intuitive Mysha Webber-Eakin merges Native American and African-American traditions.

Spiritual adventurer Usel Panchen speaks to us through the lens of Buddhist traditions.

Cayuga/Six Nations Wolf-clan “Grandmother” Small Voice teaches through the ancestors.

Cayuga shaman Alan White opens up a hidden world of Native American mystical tradition.

SWP co-founder Mason Winfield is recognized as upstate New York’s “supernatural historian.”




All Events       $100

Thursday or Friday Sessions  $20

Saturday Sessions Only   $40

Saturday Banquet Only  $50

All Saturday Events   $70

Sunday         Donation



  The Spirit Way Project




  Spirit Way Project – formed May 2008 - is a Buffalo, NY, based group of illuminated friends who assess, teach and preserve the psychic-spiritual heritage of upstate New York and the Niagara Frontier. Founded by Algonquin elder Michael Bastine and author-researcher Mason Winfield, Spirit Way Project's interests are “the sacred, the psychic, the spiritual, the paranormal.” Our major focus is Seneca country, the New York territory of the Phelps-Gorham/Holland Purchase. That's where we all live. But what is the limit of human spirituality? The survey is otherwise boundless. 

Our work occasionally overlaps into that of the “ghosthunters.” We study occasional significant sites and incidents of suspected hauntings and psychic activity. We visit “haunted houses.” We develop special cases and keep research files about many others. But that is only a small part of our work.

Our main point is the big picture, enriching human understanding and spirituality by a broad focus on a small region. It's the general (research and understanding), not the specific (investigation and validation). The big picture is regional, global, and spiritual. What we learn about upstate New York is relevant to the human and to the global psyche.

We take reports, traditions and displays of psychic phenomena to be manifestations, flowers in a bed, that may help us someday to understand a garden, and at least teach others why the whole picture is valuable. Our region’s psychic legacy is its human legacy.

We are authors, healers, researchers, ministers, dowsers, astrologers, mediums, readers. We are “out of the box” thinkers. As an association, we are psychic-spiritual generalists. We are cultural preservationists. We are also teachers.

We are specialists in many areas. We know the psychic and paranormal from perspectives that include history, architecture, folklore, geology, astrology, geomancy and religion. We understand the logic and terminology of parapsychology, and apply those insights to all we survey. We incorporate perspectives from world traditions of folklore, religion and spirituality: African-American, Asian, Celtic, Christian, Native American, Spiritualist, Wiccan. We look for patterns and overlap.

We have discussion groups. They meet once a month to talk about different paranormal topics. It's part of our mission to be teachers and facilitators, to create community.

We have a writer's group, Full Moon Mondays. We meet likewise once a month, on the Monday closest to the full moon. We confer about each others' writing. The rules are: short pieces - 1.5 pages - of prose or poetry, and devoted to some mystical, spiritual, or intuitive subject. A dream. A paranormal experience. A vision. A meditation. So far Mason Winfield has presided at every meeting, and it's always a very inspirational evening. What a collection of people!

Our partnership is titled after one of the traditional nicknames of the Burned-over District, the small area of upstate New York whose 19th and 20th century legacy of religious energy – both mainstream and alternative – is one of the more remarkable social developments in American history. Surely it says something about the nature and the people of a region; figuring out what - and telling others – is the key to who we, Spirit Way Project, are.