The SHADOW and the ROSE: The Poetry of William Butler Yeats
September 4, 2014 more details >
Haunted History Ghost Walk: CANALSIDE!
September 6, 2014 more details >
TALKING ANIMALS and MEDICINE PEOPLE: The Iroquois and the Supernatural
September 10, 2014 more details >
The SHADOW and the ROSE: The Poetry of William Butler Yeats
September 11, 2014 more details >
Haunted History Ghost Walk: EAST AURORA!
September 13, 2014 more details >

Introduction is the website of Mason Winfield, author of ten books on the supernatural and paranormal in upstate New York. Generally a research-driven website, the journal section holds articles of observation and commentary on many paranormal subjects. The archives comprise a rich mine of upstate lore, legend, and experience. 

In the summer and fall this website is a vehicle for driving the success of Haunted History Ghost Walks, Inc. Visit the calendar page to get more information on any of our talks, tours, or events. 

In the winter and spring this website is more devoted to the continuing education and spirituality of Spirit Way Project, the research/teaching organization founded by author Mason Winfield and Algonquin mystic Michael Bastine. Keep an eye out for talks, writers' group meetings, and Spirit Way Project Readers' nights. 

  Special Events Coming Soon

UPDATES FROM LATE JUNE: Bear with us as we develop our schedule of events for summer and fall 2014. It's been a frenzied spring wrapping up a book. Look for the return of the Spirit Way Project Writers's Group and the SWP Paranormal Discussion evenings. Look for a full cycle of ghost walks beginning in mid-July!

 Always check the company phone [(716) 655-6663], this website, or Mason Winfield's facebook page an hour or two before coming to any event. Last minute cancellations will be rare, but they have happened.